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Dr. Marty Marks' opera course was superb. I was fascinated by his and Joseph Kerman's analysis of the three opera composers. Idealistic and realistic views of characters and plots, exploring the depths of human nature/behavior. The natural elements of each opera were equally captivating and exciting for human endeavor and understanding of each composer and his compositions. Dr. Marks' teaching was truly inspirational and has afforded me new ways of listening and exploring the wonderful world of opera.

Dr. Pat O'Bryant, Boston Public SchoolsGreat Operas by Mozart, Wagner, and Verdi

This is such a wonderful program—it is truly the best professional development I have ever done, by far. It is SO refreshing to be exposed to high academic ideas, rather than the mundane platitudes so many conferences and workshops feature. Additionally it is fascinating to see/hear/interact with colleagues from a diversity of districts and schools—my teaching certainly benefits from exposure to their thoughts/ideas/commentary/tactics/suggestions.

Heather Lockrow, Dover-Sherborn Regional School DistrictSeminar: A Dream Deferred: African-American Poetry in the 20th Century

We LOVED this class—both days. We had NO IDEA this Mass Historical Society existed and it is a treasure! We will be sure to come back. The upstairs exhibits are incredible—we loved seeing and hearing about the artifacts, primary sources, etc. The speakers were awesome, loved getting into school-type situations that we could bring back to our school/classroom. Your website is FANTASTIC and we will definitely use it as a resource!! Thank you for the opportunity to be here, and keep up your great work!

Colleen Hultgren & Marge Farquharson , Dedham Country Day SchoolSeminar: Documenting the Revolution: Boston and the War for Independence

I thought this was a wonderful course that Curriculum Directors should be encouraged to attend to help bring more marginalized stories into the classroom and to help support all students’ mental health. This course helped to deepen my understanding of how to support my students and how to be an ally and help bring about a change in the current representation of stories we are currently sharing in our schools. Talya is so knowledgeable and a wonderful person and resource for students and teachers! I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course.

Stefanie Connell, Lynnfield Public SchoolsSeminar: Integrating LGTBQ Topics, Literature and More Into Your Curriculum

I haven't had Calculus for over 30 years but Deborah Hughes Hallett has made many concepts MUCH clearer to me. The explanation of derivatives and integrals was fascinating…I truly think I learned more in 2 days than in 4 semesters back in college. Thank you!!

Judy Kelliher, Duxbury High SchoolSeminar: Differential Equations

I greatly enjoyed my time with Dave in the Bringing Green to the Classroom sessions. He brought me to green spaces I have never been before and the experts at each facility were very informative and helpful. I utilized some lessons mentioned at the Arnold Arboretum the next day with my classes. My students were thrilled to go outside and have science class. Yesterday's event at Drumlin farm was wonderful as Tia was very passionate about all that she spoke to us about. I'm excited to start gardening in containers and beginning my planting earlier in the year using a hoop greenhouse. Another helpful aspect to the sessions was learning about teacher workshops at each of the places we visited. I am very interested in attending some of the sessions mentioned in the pamphlets provided so I can plan more outdoor lessons for my students.

Deborah Wescott, Masconomet Regional School DistrictSeminar: Bringing Green to the Classroom

I learned so much in this class! The content was user-friendly for “non-math” people. It really helped me make the connection between data and why it is relevant. I am definitely going to use these strategies in my classroom, faculty/curriculum meetings, PDevelopment, and other communication projects as well….Thank you for the resources and inspiration. Who knew I could be jazzed by numbers!

Danielle Patenaude, Groton-Dunstable Regional School DistrictSeminar: Data Visualization: Conveying Information through Visual Representation

The printmaking seminar was a great introduction on basic techniques and materials that can be used from nature, fabric, block printing and stencils. Randy is a fantastic teacher whose explanations and demonstrations are clear and concise. She encourages us to take risks in how we see our work and not fear making mistakes, as the methods are new and experimental. The class size was perfect as Randy had time to spend with each of us to develop ideas and provide feedback. Lots of rich conversations between teachers about how to include information learned as part of their curriculum. Thanks, Henry, for another great seminar.

Diane Haigh, Thayer AcademySeminar: Printmaking Primer

Too often when schools speak of professional development for teachers, they have in mind courses on pedagogical subjects such as blended or project-based learning, new forms of assessment, or the tools of teaching. Often overlooked are programs that will foster active intellectual lives among our teachers, that will keep them actively engaged with their subjects. Teachers as Scholars taps into Boston's vibrant academic life, bringing area professors together with teachers to present seminars that allow faculty to encounter the latest work and best thinking in a wide range of fields. For over a decade I've watched Commonwealth's teachers return from TAS seminars excited by what they learned, with an enthusiasm that keeps their work in the classroom lively and inspiring.

William D. WhartonHeadmaster, Commonwealth School

I wanted to begin by saying that the course was invigorating for me as an English teacher. The opportunity to sit with thoughtful, insightful, teachers and a professor that engaged us all was more than I imagined. I loved the format of the seminar, and the literature we were given to read. Ms. Shapero invited all into the conversation with her questions and intuitive commentary. She introduced me to new poetry and ways of understanding poetry that I will incorporate into my teaching. I also loved the two essays we read, and Ms. Shapero’s ability to make us think about their relevance in the poetry—a wonderful experience, indeed!

Melissa Soto Figueroa, Milton AcademySeminar: Carrying the Ladder: Women’s Voices in Contemporary American Poetry